Problems with the Electrics

I’ve been absent from my blog for a week thanks to problems with my electrics. But a big shout out to a Horsham electrician who happened to be visiting friends in our street and came to the rescue. He’s had to rewire part of the house but done a splendid job.

So thankfully I can get back to my “anarchist” blog and what’s happening in Bournemouth.

I saw a Bournemouth Echo headline that says Dorset Tea producers move to Newcastle. Well, as you can imagine, I was boiling over! What! Make our beloved Dorset Tea in the North East?

Then I read the rest of the article…..  Turns out they are moving some of their production to Newcastle, and lots of jobs are being lost, which is a bad thing for the area. But they are continuing to produce Dorset Tea in Dorset!  So I should think. Blood pressure back to normal …

The big news of the day is David Cameron’s so-called reform deal with the EU. Our Dorset MP has said it’s not good enough – and he’s a Conservative.

Jury’s still out as far as I’m concerned but my first reaction is to agree with Chris Chope. Haven’t studied it yet, but seems to me DC hasn’t got anything much – let alone major renegotiations!  Well we’ll find out when the referendum takes place, but I suspect most of the UK will vote to stay in – not least because we have so many immigrants who will never want to get out.

Blood pressure’s up again – I need to have a nice cup of Dorset Tea and a quiet nap.


Litter Louts in Bournemouth

Why on earth do people drop litter?Litter in Bournemouth

This is a photo from the Bournemouth Echo today. Rubbish – literally.

Makes my blood boil because it’s so unnecessary. But thankfully the Council (who certainly get a share of my wrath on a regular basis) have done something positive about this horrible problem.

They’ve brought in some “private enforcement officers” to look for people littering and they’ve fined 290 so far in just 3 months. Now multiple that across the country and you’ve got an enormous litter blight.

So these private guys have done quite well and issued 20 times more fines than happened this time last year.

The fine is £75 – the same as for dog fouling (don’t get me started on that).

The Council doesn’t make any money from fines but they don’t have to pay the enforcement company either. The company just keeps the fines. So by my reckoning they’ve made £21,750 in 3 months. There are 5 litter officers so that’s £4,350 each, which is £1,450 per enforcer per month.  That’s not a whole lot, but they may be part-time and I suspect the income will pick up considerably in the summer when all the messy tourists alight on Bournemouth. Probably quite a nice little earner.

Let’s hope it proves a deterrent to those who can’t be bothered to drop their rubbish in the nearest bin.

The other thing that caught my eye today is that Bournemouth Magistrates Court is closing by the end of the year.


Now I agree the building would be better demolished as it’s a monstrosity, but we certainly need to keep a court in Bournemouth. They’re also closing the one in Dorchester, so the only magistrates courts in the whole of Dorset will now be in Poole and Weymouth – not many for such a big county.

And don’t they say the prisons are overcrowded? Doesn’t that mean more cases are being heard? So doesn’t that mean we need more courts, not fewer?

Beats me how these beaurocrats think