Problems with the Electrics

I’ve been absent from my blog for a week thanks to problems with my electrics. But a big shout out to a Horsham electrician who happened to be visiting friends in our street and came to the rescue. He’s had to rewire part of the house but done a splendid job.

So thankfully I can get back to my “anarchist” blog and what’s happening in Bournemouth.

I saw a Bournemouth Echo headline that says Dorset Tea producers move to Newcastle. Well, as you can imagine, I was boiling over! What! Make our beloved Dorset Tea in the North East?

Then I read the rest of the article…..  Turns out they are moving some of their production to Newcastle, and lots of jobs are being lost, which is a bad thing for the area. But they are continuing to produce Dorset Tea in Dorset!  So I should think. Blood pressure back to normal …

The big news of the day is David Cameron’s so-called reform deal with the EU. Our Dorset MP has said it’s not good enough – and he’s a Conservative.

Jury’s still out as far as I’m concerned but my first reaction is to agree with Chris Chope. Haven’t studied it yet, but seems to me DC hasn’t got anything much – let alone major renegotiations!  Well we’ll find out when the referendum takes place, but I suspect most of the UK will vote to stay in – not least because we have so many immigrants who will never want to get out.

Blood pressure’s up again – I need to have a nice cup of Dorset Tea and a quiet nap.


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