Seaview Poole Council vandalism

Seaview Poole beforeSeaview Poole after

Before and after photos of the council’s descration at Seaview.

This is the kind of thing that really brings out the anarchist in me. Why on earth has the council done this? Have they no sense at all?

Apparently some residents complained they didn’t have a view and the trees were too high. This is the council’s response. Not some judicious pruning and the odd removal, but wholescale destruction of much-needed trees.

I’m speechless and so are many of the residents – some of whom are probably wishing they’d never opened their mouths about their precious view. They’re now calling for mature trees to be replanted. Well that won’t happen – wave goodbye to your foliage and hello scrubland.

The council has replied that as most of the felled trees were deciduous they will regrow from the stumps. Their theory is that this will be a benefit to wildlife, providing areas for nesting birds and creating diversity. They also added that they’ll be doing some replanting.

How long do these numpties think it takes to grow back a mature tree? Not going to happen this summer is it? So they’re spending our money (yet again) to restore some of the stuff they’ve ripped out.

As I say, I’m (almost) speechless.

Let’s have someone in charge who actually cares about our money, our heritage and our environment – not just one of the three.

Enough said – move on …..



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