Lottery winner found

Ha the second winner of the £66 million lottery win has been found! Hundreds of people had sent in claims hoping to get £33 million but now the genuine ticket holder has been found.

It’s quite amazing how these occasions bring out the cheats in society – and perhaps some of them are just desperate or even genuinely deluded. But I suspect the majority are greedy oportunists who think they can fool Camelot into paying them a very large fortune.

The real winners have declined publicity – and I don’t blame them. No way would I notify the world and open myself and my family to begging letters and abuse. It’s strange how people can change when they think you have more luck than them.

But everyone in the Worcester area will be watching their neighbours to see who buys a new car or makes a sudden move to the country.

We’ve all dreamed about that elusive win, but I don’t often buy a ticket – figure the odds are just ridiculous so I might as well save my money.

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