Ridiculous shortage of large stretchers

Doesn’t it defy belief that there are only 2 extra-large stretchers in the whole of Dorset?

These days when people are so much heavier and unfortunately there are loads of obese people, surely there should be more facilities available. So the health service is partly to blame for the death of a young lady from Wareham because they were unable to get her to hospital quickly. She had a blood clot on her lung.

That wasn’t the only problem according to the inquest in Bournemouth. There were also failures by the ambulance service. So there’s going to be an enquiry.

I feel so sorry for the poor lass and her friends and family, so I hope they’ll be putting in place systems to stop anything like this happening again.

But I’m also exasperated about the whole health system and refer to my comments yesterday about the cost of such investigations. Guess who’ll foot the bill again!

They’re going to develop land around Bournemouth Airport – funded by government grants, which is a rare piece of good news for the area, I hope. It’s expected that 10,000 new jobs will be created and they’re going to do something about the infrastructure and transport.

They’re also going to build 350 houses, half of them “affordable”. Well that will be debatable. With the average price of a terraced house in Bournemouth being around £200,000 and new houses usually going for more, what’s affordable? They’re not going to be selling them for half price are they?

I just don’t know how most youngsters can buy a house these days. They need £30k or so just for the deposit, plus stamp duty, solicitors’ costs and incidentals. I well know this because my daughter and her partner bought a house last year. They saved for ages and both have well-paid jobs so they’re in a better place than most I think. But even they had a hard job getting it all sorted and we had to loan them some money to pay all the costs. I wish I could just hand them a lump sum but unfortunately we’re not in a position to do that.

So when they say “affordable housing” it’s subjective.

Well at least it’s sunny today, though there’s still some flooding around Dorset and water has stopped trains running through parts of the New Forest – probably the wrong sort of flood. But today is a good day for a walk ….

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