My new blog

So this is my new blog.

I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while, but sometimes you just can’t get started.

I live in Bournemouth, having been born in Poole some 65 years ago. So I haven’t moved far, though I have been as far afield as Brighton and even Alicante over the years.

My wife says I’ve turned into a grumpy old man, whereas I consider myself a bit of an anarchist – or at least I certainly did in my youth. So I’m using my blog to comment on all things local to Bournemouth and Poole.

You’ll notice I’ve chosen a lovely calming picture at the top of the blog – hopefully the buddah will keep my blood pressure under control!

But watch out politicians and local bureaucrats, I have my eye on you.

And as a postscript, I’m a great support of Brexit and all it should bring to make our country great again.

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