Councils to be fined

National news today is that local councils are going to be fined if they don’t work 7 days a week to finish roadworks. Apparently the fine could be £5,000 a day when roadworks on major roads are unmanned.

Now on the surface this looks like a good idea. Some roadworks go on for months and it’s more than annoying when there’s nothing going on so you’re held up for no reason.

But there will always be unavoidable delays or even (dare I say it) beaurocratic incompetency! So who’s going to pay the fines? Are our worthy councillors going to be putting their hands in their pockets?  Of course not – we, the ratepayers will pay as always! So that’s not going to be good is it?

There’s similar cause for concern when schools get penalised or hospitals – anything run by national or local government. It’s the man in the street who pays fines or forks out for damages claims. Not that I blame someone who’s been seriously affected suing a hospital, for example, but it’s the rest of us who pay isn’t it?

That’s my rant for today – the pure injustice of having to pay for the mistakes of others when you try to take responsibility for your own actions. Why should we all be obliged to pay for everyone else’s mistakes or negligence?

So I sincerely hope that Bournemouth and Dorset councils are going to ensure that they don’t get fined for not getting on with roadworks.

Better news is that there will be a Super Puma Cougar and a Hornet at the Bournemouth Air Show this year, courtesy of the Swiss Air Force. I know little about aircraft but discovered that the Hornet is a supersonic jet and the Cougar is a helicopter. We love the air show so that’s something to look forward to. Sadly the Shoreham Air Show isn’t being held this year after the terrible accident in 2015 when a Hawker Hunter ploughed into the road, killing a number of people. Miraculously the pilot survived but I don’t think they’ve had the enquiry yet.

There has been some local flooding in Dorset following the rain over the last 24 hours, but I haven’t heard of any major problems, so perhaps it hasn’t been quite as bad as expected – though there may be more to come.


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