More Rain

More rain is heading our way and it’s all the fault of the Yanks. At least we’re getting their storm though thank goodness they tell us we won’t get the snow that has been so bad in the East of the US.

But flood warnings are in place for Dorset – yet again. I don’t remember a winter when we’ve had so much rain by January. And yet it has been warm. Right now it’s about 11 degrees but it’s expected to bucket down in Bournemouth this afternoon. And what’s the advice on the council’s website? “Keep warm and well in cold weather” – very helpful I’m sure. Their winter advice page promises top tips for keeping warm – but there aren’t any. That council needs whipping into shape!

Already 2 lorries have been blown over on a motorway in Scotland so we’re hoping the severe wind doesn’t head our way too.

Bournemouth Uni has announced that it will spend £100million on new faculties and student accommodation. It’s a staggering amount isn’t it? I hope their students appreciate the amount of tax payers’ money they’re getting.

That’s the thing about “government spending”. It isn’t actually the government that is spending money – it’s tax payers. The government doesn’t have any money – they just spend ours. And we don’t get much say in that do we? Don’t get me started or that rant could go on and on.

Apart from the above it’s a quiet news day in Dorset, although a charity box in the shape of a retriever has been stolen from outside a shop. Pretty low-handed but hardly the sort of stuff that deserves to take up room on the BBC website is it?

Hunkering down now with a bowl of soup for lunch. Luckily we’re not in an area that’s prone to flooding but I hope the rest of the country stays dry – it’s been terrible for many this winter and they can’t be looking forward to more rain this afternoon


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