Vandalism in Bournemouth

Just read in the Daily Echo that vandals have broken some of the trees newly planted at the Poole skate park. Now that really angers me because frankly we need all the trees we can get.

But who knew that Bournemouth Borough Council have an Arboricultural Manager – one Nick Colledge? I’m sure councils used to have someone in charge of parks and gardens, but I suppose that job has been divided up into arboriculture, seedlings, grass management, worm control and the like! Probably just to add another layer of bureaucracy.

But I do think it’s a shame that youngsters don’t appreciate trees that have been planted to give them a more pleasant future – sign of the times I suppose. Though to be fair I don’t think we appreciated what we had as youngsters either.

The other big Bournemouth news of the day was that 10 drivers were caught deliberately not stopping at lollipop crossings. Actually this is pretty bad because those patrols are there to protect our kids – including my grandchildren. All part of the No Excuse campaign being waged on motorists by the local police. I’m not a fan!

But the thing that did amuse me about the story was the photo they published – which showed cars that had stopped for a lollipop lady – a bit like reporting a road accident and showing a photo of a piece of road where there was no accident.

Bournemouth Lollipop patrol

Still it’s obviously been a slow news day and it must be difficult to fill a daily local newspaper with interesting stuff.

On a national level I see that Addidas has pulled out of funding world athletics. About time with all the doping scandals going on at the moment. I’m hoping that Seb Coe can sort out the British side of it anyway – not sure about the rest of the world.

And only yesterday I was hearing about the tennis betting scams that have been going on – even at Wimbledon! Apparently Jovic was offered £150,000 to lose a match. That must have been some time ago because he earns millions for winning major titles so I’m sure he’s not going to be tempted by a piffling £150k.

It’s all a bit of a sad reflection of the capitalist world we live in. Maybe I should go back to being an anarchist after all!

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