Moving to Horsham

We have been busy for the past four months, organising and then completing our move to Horsham. It’s a lovely market town, where we hope to settle and make many friends.

But you can be sure that I’ll be keeping my eye on the newspapers and little will get past my scrutiny. I shall continue my fight against politicians and petty bureaucrats here in Horsham, and indeed Sussex.

We’ve spent this weekend with a Horsham fencer in the garden making sure that the dogs can’t escape. That was our main priority after moving in, so now we’re going to start on the house. It’s keeping us busy anyway.

I’ve been taking a brief look at the local papers, to familiarise myself with the Horsham press. The County Times seems to be the paid journal, then there are a few free ones, like the Advertiser. I shall be buying the afore-mentioned County Times each week and will be sure to update my blog when I have occasion to take action!

According to this week’s paper, Horsham is set to become a holiday hotspot. And after we just moved here to get away from the seaside tourists in Bournemouth!  Can’t help feeling they’re following us around the country. And quite frankly we’d rather be in a quiet tourist-free area!

Apparently the council has been given a government grant to promote itself. Of course there are some wonderful attractions in the area, including Sumners Ponds, which we love, but we’d rather keep them to ourselves. Selfish I know but who wants to live in a travel hotspot?

Apart from that article, there doesn’t seem to be much local news, so that’s probably a good thing and indicates this is a pretty good area.

The move from Bournemouth wasn’t without its problems!  It’s a good 2 hours drive, so we were ready really early and hoping everything would go without a hitch. The removal company from Horsham arrived in good time and got everything packed in a very efficient manner. Then off we set.

So far, so good and we’d arranged to stop half-way for a quick lunch. That went according to plan, but unfortunately the removal van refused to start when we were ready to leave. Turned into a bit of a pantomime as we waited for the AA to arrive.

Luckily it turned out to be a relatively minor problem and they were able to leave again within the hour.

So we and our furniture arrived in our new Sussex home by 4pm, and most was unloaded before it got dark. Phew, what a difficult day.

We’ve now been here a couple of days and it’s going to take a little longer to get everything unpacked and sorted. But it’s an adventure – and one that I’d better get started!

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